Specializing in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, and Wellness Services in Vancouver Washington.

The clinic treats many acute and chronic medical conditions such as chronic pain, infertility, motor vehicle accident patients, migraine headache disorder, stress, anxiety, side effects of chemo-therapy and much more.

At Good Health Acupuncture the goal is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible. Utilizing Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine techniques you can get the help and relief you deserve. A holistic and integrative approach is utilized and care is taken to listen to patients’ needs, and customize a patients’ treatment plan so that great results can be achieved. There is a high success rate.

Often Patients come to acupuncture when they are desperate for some relief and have not been listened to in a traditional western care environment, where care is often hurried. You get the time and attention you need by an experienced professional at “Good Health Acupuncture Clinic“.

The clinic setting is warm and comfortable. The treatment tables are heated and most people feel no or little discomfort. All treatments and reasons for the plan of care are explained.

Please feel free to learn more by calling: 360-852-7137